The China crackdown against Bitcoin miners. What is the real story behind the whole thing and that is not easy to understand. First we will have to see how China is making electricity. And is there any issue for the Chinese government to give electricity to the Bitcoin miners. Is China making enough electricity and what are the projection of making electricity in China for the coming years. How the rest of the world is making electricity. Is electricity issue the only issue that China is cracking down on the bit-coin miners. Well in this blog I am going to explain what is the story behind the whole drama. Before starting to elaborate the whole story I am going to just point out some simple stuff that is China doing from a long time.



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I am going to start with the websites which are blocked in China for a long time. Starting from the number one website that is Google. Yes Google is blocked in China and it’s a search engine but still it is not permissible to use in China since 2010 to present. In addition the second website that I am going to tell you about is YouTube. And It’s a video sharing website and there is no other reason to block this website in China. But still China does not want the American products to be used in China or any other product other than Chinese product. So YouTube is also blocked since 2009 to present. Now talking about Facebook, it’s a social website and this was blocked in 2009. But is now partially open in China.

Now I am going to just name a few more websites that are blocked in China since a long time and there is not other than one reason that I can state here. There is a complete different story behind this drama. Wikipedia is blocked, is blocked and Netflix, yes it is blocked. Another website that people used to earn money that is, it is blocked. And moving to Instagram, WhatsApp yes these two applications are not permissible in China. And another website that is very famous these days is it is a streaming website, it is blocked in China. Skype, tumblr, Pinterest, soundcloud, Dropbox, Amazon Japan, yes that is from Japan is blocked.

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Some more websites that include some News websites, images website, medium, Dailymotion, BBC, the New York Time ,Vimeo and a lot more. Their are hundreds of thousands of websites which are blocked in China and that is not because of the electricity. That is not because of the language barrier. That is not because of the racism. And that is not because of any other than one single issue, one single reason that I will be explaining in the next few paragraphs


China is the real super power and that is not because of any other then the rules and regulations that China has set in their country. And for that they have banned a lot of things including some TV Dramas. Including some celebrities , including some video games and some TV shows and a lot more that includes Fireworks as well. Some books as well, the gambling is not allowed in most of the cities in China, as you might know that protesting is even not allowed in China. You cannot protest in China. There was a protest with jasmine flower as a sign. So China banned the use and production and sales of jasmine flower. It even Ban the use of jasmine word.


Another great thing that we can explain over here that will shock you. The Chinese people are not allowed to use any Apple product like iPad Macbook laptops and iPhones. Although the Chinese people are making these products in their factories but they are not allowed to use these products for their own.


Ok I am now coming back to the main point that why China banned Bitcoin mining farms. And you might be on the same point now with me that China don’t want any other Nation to have the power on them. So anything that Threatens China even on a very very small scale will be banned in China. Now coming to the main point why China is cracking down on the Bitcoin miners is that they don’t want the other super power that is America to have the hold on Chinese people and just because of this reason they have cracked down on the big farms of Bitcoin mining. But China is not somebody that just stops anyone from doing something. They give them the substitute, the alternative. China has given the Chinese people the alternative to the Bitcoin mining and that is chia network farming.

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There was no big issue for the China to make electricity for Bitcoin miners. If you research on google it will shows you which country is making electricity with the hydel technology and then you will know that the China is the biggest producer of electricity with the hydel technology. In the top 10 biggest Hydel power stations, 4 power stations are from China. There are a lot more power stations that are in the pipeline. So basically this is a cold war between superpowers . And in 2060 China will be neutral hydel power country that will not be producing any carbon dioxide.


Here a question arises, is china doing wrong. And the simple answer to this is NO. China is not doing anything wrong. As we started the story with the topic of bitcoin, here it seems that china is mean and putting down everything to save itself. But the real story goes around. Everyone is taking advantages from China and when they are done with it, they try to put down china. As we all know that Chinese people are very hardworking. New technologies usually comes from china, although Japan, Korea, USA , Russia are in the top of the list for technology, but they usually keep that technology to themselves. And china is the one who make it available to everyone .


To clarify, i am not Chinese. But the truth must be revealed. From the start, many super powers are trying to put down china somehow. There were many inventions that were from china. But unfortunately some people stole it and started their own venture with their own name. As you all know, BITCOIN was invested by a Chinese. Electric car was invented by Chinese, many website ideas that we see now a days at the top of the list, google, you tube, facbook, whatsapp, Wikipedia, amazon, ebay and a lot more, they are all copies of Chinese inventions. Yet we don’t know about the Chinese products that were the real idea.

Elon Musk , the real hero of many people, he stole the idea from a Chinese company, who launched their car in America and this guy with his team banned the company and started the same thing with their name. This is a huge example. China is actually working for clean and green power. China invented BITCOIN, later the whole world started the copy projects, now the studies shows that this is not going the way is was supposed to be, so china came up with another idea that is less power consuming. Actually the complete CHIA system takes the power equals to 1 GPU, and one BITCOIN mining system is made up of at least 6 GPUs.


It is the new alternative to BITCOIN mining. it works with the storage components rather than GPUs. as in bitcoin mining , some calculations are made and in reward you get a portion of bitcoin, and that is your earning. In chia network, you make a farm, you make calculations with the storage technology rather than hashpower calculation, and in reward you will get the income. Multiple hard drives are used in place of multiple GPUs. And everything else from outside works the same. Hence taking 6 times less power. And this is a huge improvement in the world. If we see this in a broader expect. We will find china on the right side.