Learn Adobe Illustrator – Day 8– Easy Tutorial


now the last 3 days for the series Learn Adobe Illustrator in 10 Days. This is very interesting day because you will learn a lot of tools.To clarify starting from the left panel and ending at the right panel. So today it will not be more than 40 minutes to listen to me and watch the adobe illustrator videos. The front interface will be doe today. From tomorrow i will start working on the hidden tools, or menus. So lets finish this off . Welcome to the day 8. I am Umar Jamal, the CEO of GRAFIXERS.

CLASS : 21

Hi, this is the lecture 21 from the series learn Adobe illustrator, learn graphic design. Today in this lecture i will be telling you about the blend tool. As the name says, the blend tool is used to blend 2 or more shapes, as mentioned in the video. I made a circle shape and 1 square, and then i applied the blend magic to it, and we got few more new shapes that shows the complete transformation. To apply the blend tool, first select both shapes, then select the blend tool and click on both of the images one by one. This will make a group in the layer panel.

The most important part is to keep an eye on the layer panel. Now the layer panel got a group that consist of 3 layers. The first one is the path where the blending new object are going, the second layer and the 3rd layer are the shapes. You can double click on the blending tool while selecting the blend group to make more changes. Like if you want to increase or decrease the shapes/ steps.

The next thing that the blend tool does very good is the color transformation. Right from where you left the first blended shapes, just select the shape 1 and give it a color , and the second shape fill with a different color. Then you will be able to see the transformation or blending of the colors. You will have to increase the steps to get a smooth transformation.

Now coming to the next part. You can do the same thing with text, make two layers of text, either same or different, and select both of them and blend them. you can go to OBJECT-BLEND-MAKE. this is another way to do the same process. the same way to make is smooth is to increase the steps by double clicking on the blend icon.

Another good function performed by the blend tool is making some shapes with the single layer made by pen or pencil. you will have to make a spine first, what is a spine, it is actually a group or circles, and then i will blend them, i will use gradient on them. then by selecting both of the objects, i will blend them, and this will be a magic . for more details you can see the video.

CLASS : 22

hi, this is lecture number 22 from the series Learn Adobe Illustrator & Graphic design. this series illustrates about the SPRAYER TOOL. how you can create a spray effect in adobe illustrator and can make beautiful wallpapers in adobe illustrator. you will have to select a symbol and then you can apply the spray. you can add symbols , the custom symbols to the swatch. you can open the properties and can edit the intensity, the size for the brush and many other things in the option panel.

The more tool under the SPRAYER tool are discussed in detail. They are actually the additions of the SPRAYER tool. how to move the symbol once you have sprayed them. another tool is to being them together at one point. another addition under the SPRAYER tool is for coloring the symbols with your your solid colors. then you can add some style to the symbols. This video can make you understand how the galaxies and other wallpapers are made, you must watch this video to understand the details. If you want to know more about it, feel free to ask .

CLASS : 23

hi, in this video i have explained the details about the graph tool and the chart tool. this is lecture number 23 from the series Learn Adobe Illustrator, Learn Graphic Design. there is a special icon and special tool for making the graphs and charts in adobe illustrator. you can make different types of charts and graphs, the pie chart, the line chart, the stack chart, the candle chart and much more. the x axis or the y axis can e set through the chart table, and the other side will need manual entries. you can even change the colors of the chart after making. you will just need to input the values and the adobe illustrator will automatically make the graphs and charts for you. you must see the video for more details about it.

CLASS : 24

this video is about the artboard tool in adobe illustrator. The lecture is on 24th number from the series Learn adobe illustrator , Learn graphic design. The video contains the important details about the artboard and the changes we can make to the artboard. these are very easy tips and this will save a lot of time.

How you can make more than one artboard in adobe illustrator, how you can delete the artboard or make it the same size as you already have an image in the file. You can go through the menu as well. you can select from the presets as well. Another tool that is discussed in this video is the slice tool. That is very handy when it comes to take out some bunch of images from the one artboard. You can slice the artboard ans with one click you can get hundred of images.

After the slice tool, there is the hand tool, that is use to move the screen around, if you want to focus some area, you can just use that tool or press the space bar on your keyboard and move around. another tool is for the zoom in and zoom out option. You can scroll you mouse scroll button to zoom in and zoom out. For more details, kindly visit the video.

CLASS : 25

This video from the series Learn Adobe Illustrator, Learn Graphic Design, which is lecture number 25 , will explain the right panel in adobe illustrator. The right panel has a lot of different icons. I have explained in detail What they are used for and how they are used. Starting from the brush icon, you can select different type of brushes in the adobe illustrator. Just make a line with pen tool or pencil tool, then simple select any of the brushes. The effect will be noticeable.

You can try different brushes form the preset libraries or you can download new brushes from the internet. Another cool icon on the right panel in adobe illustrator is the symbol tool. You can get thousand of different symbols in vector form . They are already in the adobe illustrator libraries and we are unknown of these high quality reusable symbol. There are libraries in the adobe illustrator and you can download the entire library from the adobe stock as well.

The next tool is the transparency tool. Where you can set the opacity or you can select the style of transparency, and that is most of the time very useful. So make sure to try these as well. I gave an example to describe how it works. The last but not the least tool is the appearance tool or panel on the right side. What it is used for. It is used to see how many different effects are applied to the layer or group. Simple select the group or layer and click on the appearance tool or icon. You can edit modify or delete any of the effect already applied on the layer. If you cannot see any of these on your right panel you can simple click on the WINDOW menu on the top and click on any of the layer or panel that you want.

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