I can explain in detail how you can earn money from these 5 easy skills online. All of this with very low or even some without any investment. The internet allows everyone to earn money with ease, and sitting at home. you can learn online and you can earn online.


Earning money on youtube is so easy. No investment needed. Just a good idea, some dedication, little time each day, and commitment. Here is a screenshot of the TOP YOUTUBERS and their earning in dollars. You can search with their names.
The main thing that all of them has done, is the start. they started the channel. Today they are at a position where everyone is dreaming for.



Earning money through your website is another way to earn without a lot of investment. You can start from $10 and can earn millions of dollars. All you need is a good niche, some grip on it, time to manage your website.
The main category in the websites is ecommerce website. Then after this there are service providers websites. Other types of websites are educational websites. entertainment website. Downloading website, portfolio websites.social media websites. Any kind of website that is selling or delivering any thing or service.


another easy way of earning is fiverr. you can do almost everything on fiverr. From local jobs to online technical jobs. Very basic audio recording to simple data entry. Web search to programming, from taking landscape image to high quality photoshoot. People are earning millions on fiverr in a month working 5-8 hours job daily or even less.
You can easily learn any skill needed on fiverr within a month or couple of month and can get success within few days.
all you need is to make your account, sell your service, and earn. there is actually zero investment needed.


The very old method for earning online without any technical skills needed. But in actual it require technical skills, the writing skills are very hard. You have to keep check and balance of many thing. The list includes tenses, active and passive vice, keywords to use, and the skill to write at least thousand words for each article.
You can write about anything, any niche, any topic, anytime. Once you have the audience, you can earn a lot with just writing. If you love traveling, you can write blogs on it. If you love drawing, you can write blogs about it. in fact you can write about anything.
you can do blogging on the go. i mean you can do blogging on your smart phones as well.


The last but not the least, FOREX trading is a very good way of earning. If you know about the news a lot. If you have interest in the hot topics around the world. You are good with the countries inter relationships. the ups and downs of the governments. Then you can surely do this job.
Most of the companies offer free credit to get started. So if you have zero investment, and good skills, don’t worry. there are people looking for you.
Everything you will do, will be online. You will not have to go to any place to buy or sell something. currencies, commodities, and some recent addition is bitcoins.
I have seen people getting rich in one night. And people ruining there whole life in one night with forex. Yes here is the point, this is the most risky way of earning. But hold on, this is risky if you invest, and if you don’t invest, it is a good way of earning.

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