Learn Adobe Illustrator – Day 5– Easy Tutorial


You have welcome to the next level. where you will be manipulating, altering the shapes. This is to say that you are good in shapes. The time is here where you are going to make some changes to it. Adobe illustrator is full of magics. The more you practice , the more you become a magician. Today you will lean how to do some transformation. You have already done the rotation and reflection, the next step is to re scale, and shear the object. Then you will proceed to a few new tools. Lets start the new level. Welcome to the class, I am Umar Jamal , CEO of Grafixers.

CLASS : 12

In this lecture i have discussed about the SCALE TOOL, SHEAR TOOL, and the RESHAPE TOOL. All of these are easily accessible and very handy tools for all the task that we perform in illustrator. The scale tool will let you scale up or scale down an object. And the good thing of scaling up or down form the right click menu is that your function is recorded. And you can repeat it again and again. To clarify if you have 4 elements, you just scaled down one of them and you want to scale down all of the other. In short just click on the other object and in the effect menu just click the first statement, that says to scale.
On the other hand the shortcut for repeating the same function is CTRL+D. you can repeat any of the work done from the transform tool or any other adobe illustrator function. So little knowledge of all the tools is not enough to be the master, a complete knowledge of some tools will make you master.

CLASS : 13

in this lecture, three tools are discussed. the FREE TRONSFORM TOOL, the PERSPECTIVE DISTORT, and the FREE DISTORT TOOL. there is one more option in the list that is CONSTRAIN button, that is alternative to holding down the shift key. if you want to reshape anything in a perspective way, you can use this tool. the adobe photoshop is very good in this feature and now adobe illustrator got this too. you can use this in logos and ther graphics as well.


in this lecture i have discussed the WIDTH TOOL, that is useful foe making swirls,as it gives you the power of making different width of one single segment or line at different places. you will find it really very useful in many projects. the swirl, swooshes and hair are type of segments where you will need to make the width changes at different positions, not always the stroke options for the width tool will work great, there are 9 presets for the width tool just beside the stoke weight option, but this width tool is very good and it allow you to make your own choice at any place.


in this lecture i have discussed in detail the use of WARP TOOL, and through which you can make different shapes within few minutes. one of the most commonly used tool, the logos will need this part very much. you just select the warp options and there are many presets that you can chose from. the bulged , shell upper and shell lower are mostly used. flag option is good too. the best thing here is that you can make changes to the content of the envelop. if in future you want to change any thing inside, for instance, you want to change the name, you can just go to edit content and change anything, the envelop wrap option will adjust itself accordingly. you can make your own shape as well.

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