Learn Adobe Illustrator – Day 2 – Easy Tutorial


This is the Day 2 to Learn Adobe illustrator Easy Tutorial Course. In the previous day i have delivered 4 lectures and that counts to almost 35 minutes. And that will make a strong base for you. today i will take no more than 30 minutes. And i have explained a lot today. Make sure you check every detail so you get the most benefits. I am Umar Jamal, CEO of Grafixers.


this is lecture 4 part 2 of the series Learn Adobe Illustrator Easy Tutorial. During the lecture i have discussed 3 tools of illustrator. It is divided into 2 parts, the first 2 tools ( pen tool and curvature tool) are discussed in the first part. And the type tool is discussed in the second part. The type tool is used to write something in your artwork. To clarify just click on the TEXT / TYPE tool then you click where you want the text to be. Either you can select the font / typeface and size of the font before writing any text. or you can do this after writing. Sometime it is confusing when you click on text tool and you get some unknown text on the board. Don’t worry about that , this is just some dummy text. And it will go away once you start writing.

There are few more options to use to make your art a little more interesting and creative. The area type tool , the type on a path tool, vertical type tool, and vertical on the path tool, and vertical area type tool. If you want to write something on the path, on a circle or on a line. You can just select the TYPE ON A PATH TOOL and click on the segment, the line , and start typing. The text will follow the line itself. to see in more detail, click on the video.


In this video i have discussed about the line segment tool of the adobe illustrator. How you can use the line segment tool , what are the options that we get with the line tool. How we can change the size of the line, the width of the line. Where we can specify the specific angle to it. Sometimes you draw a line but you cant see it. Because you don’t have the stroke color or size of the stroke. So make sure that the stroke size is defined. Do not confuse yourself with the fill and the stroke. The fill will be the inside of the shape, and line done have an inside. So the line will work with the stroke.

this lecture will cover the details about the layer panel. so if you can see the layer panel on the right side of the scree, then it is great,but if you are unable to see the panel for layers, wither you can click “f7” on the keyboard, that is the function key. or you can go to the window menu on top of the screen, and go down and there you will see the option to turn it on.


in this video i have discussed the 2nd and 3rd option in the line segment tool. the arc tool, that is used to make arcs, further details were the x axis and y axis of the arc line, then the slope of the arc, and whether it should be open or close arc. if you are not good with manual line making and then converting it to ark with the handles, you can use this tool and specify each details before making the arc. the close arc will become a circle instead. then proceeding to the spiral tool, how you can make spirals, the default spiral and how you can make your own specific spiral, the radius and the skew options were discussed in detail for better understanding.

it is not commonly used in the designs we make for logos, but for the banners and other illustrations. so if you are up to just logo design, then you can skip this or mark this for future reading. but if you ask me, don’t skip anything , it is just a few minutes and you will get a lot of benefits from these tools.


in the last part of the lecture 5, i have discussed the 2 tools that are in the drop down menu of the LINE SEGMENT TOOL. the rectangular grid tool and the polar grid tool. i have discussed the length and height of the grids,how you can make changes to it. the next thing that was discussed is dividers, how you can get specific number of blocks in the grid. and then the last thing was skew. what you get when you change the value of the skew.

although it doesn’t look very useful but when you need to check the alignment, or you want to make something very professional, then you should try this, you can turn on and off the “snap to grid” option so that every point you make goes to a point on grid. moreover you can increase o decrease the size of the grid as well, or change the color in the “preference” in the edit menu.

this is the end of the 2nd day for the series Learn Adobe Illustrator Easy Tutorial .so tomorrow will be a great day for you.

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