i have started a book with 100 success stories. Each success story has lot to learn from. you will find this very helpful and due to this factor i thought to collect 100 success stories from young generation. they are mostly from 20 to 30 age. So if you are thinking that you are too young to be successful then it might be wrong. age does not matter to be successful.


this is one of my favorite success story. I read this and I thank Allah for everything i have. and i hope you will find inspirations and motivations from this collection of success stories.

“Hi! This is me Aamna Mir. I’m 21 years old and lives in Gilgit, Pakistan. What if someone asks you what is success? What i see is when you set a goal for achieving something and you achieve it with your hard work and determination, that’s what we called as success. Success is achieving your desired goal. Getting success is important for a person because only in that way he/she can fulfill dreams and ambitions.

Achieving your goals needs hard work and sometimes sacrifice as well. Only hard work can lead you towards success. Think about someone who is already successful in their life. That will help you to stay focused on your goals. There are also failures that demotivate you but you have to stay consistent. Not being consistent is a major cause of failure. We can take help from platforms like you-tube and see what other high achievers are doing in their life. We can can see what other people are doing to tackle problems causing issues in way of their success. Patience is the key to success.

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Their will be moments where we get tired of what we are doing, but we should stay patient and consistent towards the road of success. Their are many opinions but i think getting a degree from an institute is not enough to be successful. Getting education is important but without hard work and failure, we cannot achieve our desired goals. Some people think that only money can lead them towards success, but that’s not true. We can gain success with hard work and patience. It’s my advice for the people to be patient in their life and don’t lose hope if they are facing hurdles. Failure is a part of success.

A you-tuber named “Imran Ali Dina” inspired my a lot for achieving my goals. And he is my inspiration and helped me through his content on youtube. Time it takes to be successful depends on how much you are consistent with your work. At last My next aim is learn something new from VBC course. To clarify their is no age bracket for success.”


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Hey there. I’m 29 years of age and lives in Pakistan. Today I’m going to tell you about what success is. So success is anything you accomplish in your life which makes you happy. Achieving success is important for peace of mind, sense of security and happiness. Similarly Through success we can contribute for the well being of people around us by inspiring others. I have faced unforeseen and unpredictable events in way towards success. Those are all my dreams which lead me towards achieving my goals. When a person fails, there are causes like lack of planning or by not understanding situations. Going against nature is also a cause of not getting success which mostly people underestimate. Failure is part of becoming successful. But we can avoid failure by organizing and planning our desired goals. Therefore By learning from our mistakes we can be successful.

Respect your parents and believe in Allah almighty if you are having trouble in any phase of your life. Always seek help from Allah if anything is causing you problems towards success. There is hard time but we should move on and learn from our mistakes. Get education as much as you can because this helps you increase your knowledge and become a successful person. Money is not mandatory for achieving a successful life. My advice is work hard and let the nature do the rest. The only person who inspired me is my father to achieve my goals.

My next focus is to achieve peacefulness and satisfaction in life and help people around me as much as i can. I took benefits from my known ones and they are seeking benefits from me as well. Therefore It’s a collective thing where you should assist others and get help from others for a successful outcome.

Be thankful to Allah, your parents, mentors and all those who made you this far. My last words for the people out there struggling in their life is that stay dedicated with your hard work. One day you will be successful. Thank-you!


Hello! My name is Saadia Kousar. I live in Pakistan. According to my research overcoming your fears in life is a huge achievement and success in life. Success is really important as it makes you confident and stable in all manners of life. To clarify You face challenges but you have to stay strong. In other words Raise your voice and don’t hesitate to say “no”. Make right decisions at right time. Trust in Allah & try to recite Quran daily. Keep your mind positive. Self assessment and inner power is the key. Allah helped me in all aspects of my life. And hard work of course is really important for a cheerful life. Make dua and cry in front of Allah if you’re facing a bad time. If you’re alone doesn’t mean that you’re weak. Silence has more power.

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Remember Allah in your good times as well and always be thankful. Get good knowledge as much as you can because without education, you can never become successful. Money can’t buy you success. It’s the success through which you get money and all happiness in your life.To clarify My advice is trust in Allah. In other words Have some inner strength, self assessment and guts to listen to others. When i look at successful people around myself and get to know their success stories, that stories give me inspiration and motivation the most. There is no such time in which you can get success, it’s on your hard work and dedication. So start today and you will be successful one day InshaAllah. What i want next is positivity and calmness in myself as it’s important for a successful person to be calm, strong and have a positive mindset.

My family is also happy and hopeful for me as I’m independent now and gradually going towards success. My last words before ending this story is that I’m thankful to Allah as Allah is there whenever i need help and whatever I’m right now is because of Allah. Hope you find this story beneficial. Thank-you for reading my success story.


My name is Dr Maria Iqbal. I’m 24 years old and i live Pakistan. If you ask me what is success, i would say money is success. Money is what all matters for a successful life and through success you can buy happiness, a comfortable and peaceful life. I have faced many challenges in the way towards success. In the beginning, i had no sources to fulfill my dreams. Covid lockdown has a deep impact on my life. It deeply unsettled my career towards success. This pandemic was one of my worries due to which i also experienced crisis.


The field i was working on was not passion of my work. Saturation of my field effected me a lot. But my urges for wealth and buy comfort and happiness made me run towards success. We also fails during this whole process of becoming successful. These failures are due to many reasons. This can be due to our lack of social circle or lack of references. Nowadays, this covid pandemic is also becoming a cause of failure.

I tackled all these reasons of failure and opted for what was available on the ground at that time. My husband helped me a lot in my hard time as he belongs to the same field which I’m working on. I took lesson from my failures and now I’m open minded and learned to compromise according to the situation. My studies helped me achieving success. Money also helped me to gain success in life. It’s my advice to never lose hope and believe in yourself. There is a right time for everything.

So stay dedicated and never stop searching the right path for yourself and never lose hope in any phase of life. My cousins are my inspiration who helped my in achieving my success. It took almost 6 months to achieve my desired goals. Now i have other plans as well and this time my ambitions are bigger and I’m planning to invest in my own business. Other people are also getting advantage from my skills and knowledge. I teach others through my high level skills. I want to thank Allah Almighty for my success and for whatever i have gained so far.

My last message for people who want to be successful is that don’t loose hope. There is sunshine after every storm just look for the smart ways and plan your path. This is all what i have to say to the people who want to be successful. Thankyou

the success stories compilation will help people understand what to ficus in their life.

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