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Hi, I am a graphic design instructor and I have been working in this industry for more than a decade. Working on adobe illustrator is a must for graphic designers. And Adobe illustrator 2017 is best among all versions. And to be honest I would recommend every designer to have basic computer knowledge as well so if you face any problem you can solve tat by yourself. So for that I have some videos, and the link are here if you are interested to know what is going in your computer when you are having issues or your computer is not as fast as it was in the start.

Coming back to the point.



There are many website that are offering downloads for adobe illustrator but most of them are not working right, and there are too many popups and you cannot find the button to download link. And most of the time we click on the wrong one and then thousands of ads runs in our computer.

Here is the link to the setup for ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 2017.

WHY 2017 in 2021.

Yes this is a valid question. And the answer is simple, because this is the most stable version and it runs o almost every computer these days and never hangs, unless you put a lot of load on it.

I would recommend to use 2017 and wait for another stable and light weight edition of abode illustrator. You can have all the tools that are in 2020 version. It runs very smooth. Moreover you can find thousands of videos on youtube for tutorials. if you are new to this field and want to learn each and every aspect of adobe illustrator 2017, then you must visit this channel.

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