As the story continues, we are here with 4 more outstanding success stories where we got some super heroes. everyone on their own story is a super hero. to clarify no one can take place of someone else. i cannot complete someone else goal. we have to move ourselves in our story. many people will come and go. a few will tech you lesson, a few will hold your hand, a few will give you support, and a few will take you down.

you have to keep focus and think about who is doing good for you. some people will look as they are taunting, pulling your leg, blaming you, but how know that they in actual want to be higher, and they want to see you successful and happy. i am the one who keeps pinching, taunting, and will make you realize that you have more power then you know. well. moving to the success stories.here is the first one from today.


Hi! My name is Nosherwan. I’m 24 years old lives in Punjab, Pakistan. The road towards success started from the day we come into this world. It took me 20 years for becoming the person which I’m now. When i was a kid, i wished to visit Europe one day, and now i made that wish reality after 20 years. I achieved my desires and success of course. Becoming successful is important for me because i always wanted to make my parents proud.


I lived in Pakistan where i faced many economical issues as well. My family supported throughout my life and made me successful today. I failed many times due to my own carelessness and laziness. I was not serious with my life in the past. Now I’m mature enough to realize that only hard work can lead us towards success. So i worked hard to make my parents proud.
I was hopeless at that time but now I’m hopeful the happy for myself and my family. I always took help from Allah and my parents. Our parents are the only people who wants to see us successful more than they achieved success in their life. So we should always be kind to our parents and help them where they need. I learned that we should be patient during our hard time. Time doesn’t remains the same. Be patient when you’re hopeless. Get knowledge as much as you can to be successful. I advise other people that we should work hard and leave the rest on Allah.

The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) is my inspiration. We can learn many life lesson from his whole life. We have unlimited time to be successful. Achieving success doesn’t require any age bracket. If we work hard with dedication, we can achieve success in any age. My next aim is to get a better job and get stable in life as soon as possible. I want to thank Allah and my parents for helping me in achieving my desired goals. I suggest people that never stop your grind towards success.

There is good and bad time in everyone’s life. But with patience and will power, we can achiever what we want to. Thank you for reading my success story in the success stories compilation.


Hey there! My name is Saira and I’m forty years old. I belong to the city Islamabad. At the age of 27, I started struggle to make myself successful. According to me, success is an achievement which makes you fulfilled, happy and excited. Not only this, but also make others feel inspired from you. Success is all about accomplishment, fulfilment and achievement of our desired goals. It’s important to be successful because it makes our life an inspiration for others. Me being a single parent, particularly to be independent so that my son does not feel inferior in the society we are living in right now.

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I faced challenges like the attitude of people around me especially close relatives. Lack of exposure and fear to take the risks were the major challenges. Being a single parent, I had to make my son’s future bright and fulfill his all necessities which needs money. So I worked hard for my son or you can say that my son made me achieve my goals. I took help from my parents who remained supportive throughout my struggle.

My family helped me where ever I needed. I learned lesson during my hard time that nothing remains permanent. Not even time remains the same. If someone is facing bad time, there will be a good time in his life as well. My studies and knowledge which I gained with education helped me in various periods of my life. Money doesn’t give us success. We need to work hard for success accomplishment. I advise other people to remain persistent and determined to their goals no matter how hard the circumstances are.

It took me 4 to 5 years to achieve my goals and now I’m living the perfect life with my son Alhamdulillah. Now I just want to see my son successful. Being a teacher, I’m spreading my knowledge to others and they are getting benefit from my experiences and knowledge. I want to thank my parents for giving a healthy life and fulfilled all my needs whenever I asked them for it. If we just remain calm and persistent, we can accomplish our goals in no time. This is my success story and I hope you find it beneficial for yourself. Thank you for reading my success story in the success stories compilation.


Hi I’m Qasim. I’m 28 years old and lives in Pakistan. I was 19 when I started my career to become successful. Success is when we aim to accomplish something and we achieve it with our hard work and dedication. Making a good career and achieving desired goals is what we called as success. When we try to make others happy, not everyone will be happy due to our decisions. That’s where I faced problems when I started caring about what other people are thinking about me. Some people support us but some people hate us due to our decisions. But we should be passionate about our struggle and success.


My will power and inner strength were the driving factors that made me achieve my desired goals. There were many hypocrite people around me who created hurdles in my way towards success. They don’t want to see me successful. But I remained strong. I was constructive and gave my time where it needs to be given. I took help from my friends. They helped me where I became hopeless. I learned that we should never lose hope and continue to struggle hard as it’s a part of life. Getting education is mandatory to be successful. If we don’t have knowledge of what we want to gain in life, then there is very less chance to become successful. I like to play football as well.

My favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is my biggest inspiration. He is an example of how hard work can leads us towards success. Ronaldo spend all his energy in becoming a good player and now he is one of the top player in football. It took 8 years for me to become successful. Now my next goal is to gain respect from people as much as I can till death and do something good so that people will remember me after my death.

Success gives us respect and wealth as well. With good wealth, I can provide all facilities to my family. I can provide them good food and that’s how people can get benefits from my success. I want to thank my family and friends for helping me and played their part in making me successful today.Thank you for reading my success story in the success stories compilation.


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Hello. My name is Safia Tufail and I’m 29 years old. I live in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. At the age of 19, I started my journey to become successful. What is success? This question arrives in everyone’s mind but everyone has his own definition. I believe that success is any achievement which we accomplish with struggle and hard work. Everyone thinks differently about success and they have their own concepts about success. Having a great career is success. Success is something which everyone wants to achieve in life. It excites us and we feel happy that we made an impact in this competitive world through our success.

If I talk about myself, success is important for me to achieve. Being a girl, I want to show my family that I can do anything. There were challenges as well. I faced individuals talking and my relative’s objections. But there are also people who appreciated me and supported me. They encouraged me that’s why I achieved my goals otherwise it’s was not easy for me. We can’t attain success without putting effort. We have to adopt a mindset to accomplish our goals and grow as a person. And it takes hard work.

From my perspective, if someone humiliate and discourage us, actually these people are trying to show themselves that they are losers so anyone can’t survive in this world. I tackled these people by just ignoring. I ignore most of the people talking and focus on my work and believe in Allah. My family helped me a lot in achieving success. They all were supportive throughout my struggle. One of my aunt helped me and she assisted me to make my life better by achieving success. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that I should work hard to get a cheerful future. When I was facing hard time, I learned that if we don’t have money in our pocket, no one gives us importance and this is a major issue of our society. Only our parents are sincere to us and help us in all manners of life.

My studies helped me to attain success. As getting good education needs money, so we can say that money also plays a part in becoming successful. I advise to others that just believe in Allah and work hard as there is nothing impossible in this world. There is no right or wrong way to be successful, but there are steps you can take to become more successful based on your own definition of the goal. My brother is also successful in his life and he inspired me. I took motivation from him to pursue my success. Success doesn’t depend on time period. I took a lot of time to obtain success because every day we are learning something different which gives us life lessons. My next aim is to make an NGO for underprivileged persons and help them for becoming successful.

People who help others, one day they will be successful their respective fields. I want to thank Allah for accepting me as a giver because not every person is a giver. My last message is that Allah helps those who help themselves. Thank you for reading my success story in the success stories compilation.

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