Today I am going to tell you how you can make money online without any technical knowledge or physical interference with bitcoin mining. All you have to do is to setup computer frame that will include some graphic card on motherboard power supply Ram and SSD hard drive and a few more things. And when you plug that in electricity it will start working and it will make money for you. It sounds simple but it is not that simple you have to work on it to make it work for you.

Crypto Mining Machine

The whole thing is working all over the world and this is known as BTC mining that is Bitcoin mining. You mine the Bitcoins or any other coins in the digital currency and and in return you get a small portion of Bitcoin. And when you convert that small portion of Bitcoin into dollars or pound or rupees. You get a handsome amount on a daily basis and you can run your house you kitchen from that money. It will release your tension make you relax. Meanwhile you can work on many more things with the free mind.

Following are the main components used in the whole system


The very first thing that you need is the graphic card the Gaming card. And there is a list that I will show you that which graphic card is better than other one and which is the one that you can plug into your system. The graphic card has different powers and therefore has different size. When you plan to set up you have to make a budget and in that budget you can choose what graphic card is best for you. You can check the list below and make your decision for better bitcoin mining.

best graphics cards banner  poster wide large
Price starts from $200
return goes up to $1.16 daily
monthly profit $34.8
early profit $417
technology will go down soon
Price starts from $400
return goes up to $1.79 daily
monthly profit $53.7
early profit $644
will at least work for 5 more years
Price starts from $1150
return goes up to $5.29 daily
monthly profit $157.8
early profit $1893
no projected limits of life
profitability calculator


Riserless mining motherboard  GPU bitcoin Crypto Etherum Mining Support   MHz

The second most important thing in the whole setup is the motherboard. In the budget for the graphic card you had decided how many hearts how many quantity of the cards you are going to plugin in general I would suggest at least four or five cards so to accommodate those hard on the motherboard you will need a motherboard that can plug in itself at least 5 graphic card. Following is the place where you can see what is motherboard can support how many card and according to that you can just order these from ali express to eBay Amazon or any other woo Commerce website

Price starts from $100
supports upto 3 cards
will need risers
high power consumption
only used motherboards available
Price starts from $200
supports upto 5 cards
will need risers
medium power consumption
used / new motherboards available
Price starts from $300
supports upto 12 cards
risers can be used
low power consumption
only new motherboards available
profitability calculator


The next major thing in the list is the power supply as you are going to plug at least 5 graphic card and those graphic card will need a huge power to play on the motherboard so at least one graphic card takes around 100 to 180 watts. So in total it will be like 500 to 800 watts. The motherboard itself will take around 200 words and in total it will be light 1000. And the power supply that will work for 1000 will show on a light 1800 3000 watts so from that 1000 watts will be enough for the cards so try to choose a power supply that is at least 2000 watts so that your bitcoin mining system runs smoothly.

Price starts from $30
supports upto 2 cards
will need extension cables
power upto 450w
comes in Tower CPU
Price starts from $120
supports upto 8 cards
cables included
power upto 2,000w
used / new available
Price starts from $200
supports upto 12 cards
sleek and quiet
power upto 3000w
no need of these actually
profitability calculator


th gen core family badge

The next thing in the list is the processor that you will fly on to your motherboard it is good to buy the processor with motherboard and it will be easy for you to choose the motherboard and the processor that will be compatible with each other. So basically you will need a core i5 8th 9th generation with your motherboard and that will run the bitcoin mining system at good speed.

Price starts from $30
core processors up to 3rd gen
this depends on the motherboard
Price starts from $60
core processors up to 7rd gen
this depends on the motherboard
Price starts from $100
new technology
this depends on the motherboard
profitability calculator


Ram you will need for your system to run smooth will be at least 8 GB and you will need to Ram slots on your motherboard and two physical G that you will plug into your motherboard 4GB each. no more than 2 rams are necessary. at least 4gb and at most 8gb is good to run the system. you can add if you have spare rams. but try not to , as it consumes the electricity.

Price starts from $15
4gb memory
you will need 2 ideally
Price starts from $20
4gb memory
you will need 2 ideally
Price starts from $20
4gb memory
you will need 2 ideally
profitability calculator



If you have the slots for the PCI e on your motherboard at the difference of 65 mm to each side then it will be good for your graphic card to be plugged directly into your motherboard but if you don’t have that much space on your motherboard then you will need arises that will be extensions for the graphic card to be connected to the motherboard. The rising will need a separate a power supply to them so it will be good to not plug the Rises on the starter power supply instead use the old HDD power supply with the Rises

Price starts from $9
support 1 card per riser
you can add 3 riser generally
Price starts from $9
support 1 card per riser
you can add 8 riser generally
Price starts from $9
support 1 card per riser
you dont need these
profitability calculator


You can make your own frame for the whole system and it is not that hard you can just buy wood slices for around 1000 rupees for 6 to 7 Dollars and then you can just use screws and two driver to make your way as you want it to be according to the number of a graphic cards you are going to put in

Price starts from $9
not professional
you can make this at home
Price starts from $30
steel plus wood
semi professional
assembly possible
Price starts from $90
sleek and stylish
will keep dust away
profitability calculator


NiceHash QuickMiner Tool

They are a few operating systems that you can run on your rig or system and two of the most important ones are Hive operating system and the nice operating system. both a very commonly used in the Bitcoin mining systems.

The easier one of these two is nice operating system as it connects to the better return mining coins by itself and you don’t have to set up the whole thing. you just have to install the nice operating system in your USB drive and put the configuration file from nice operating system account into the USB and write down the ID information and a username password for the Wi-Fi so the system can connect directly to WIFI.


They are applications for the phone as well and you can monitor your returns and you can monitor the temperature of the graphic card and everything that the system is Mining or not or you can check the coin that the system is mining on directly onto your phone and that is very easy to use

marketing NiceHash android app



The return of the coins that is in dollars will be directly forwarded to your wallet any digital wallet and then you can withdraw that amount on daily basis or weekly or monthly depending on your revenue that you can read and that can be directly go to your Paypal or your bank account


this is a major point to ask , how much electricity will this complete system consumes on daily basis, and how much will it cost. the simple answer is not possible here. as every single modules consume different electricity. the below table will give you a general idea of what the total electricity bill you will get after a month, and will that be profitable or you will get a heart attack. to be simple , i will say that old technology will take more electricity, and the new technology will be more energy efficient. what ever card you buy, there will be a portion that will state the total watts it consumes. and to every card, there are three energy states in which they run, if you have issues, you can run the card at low speed. it will definitely give you less profit in return.

computer1 card2 cards3 cardstotal wattstotal units per day
low range160w-200w140w-170w350w2.4*350/100= 8.4 units
160w-200w280w-340w450w2.4*450/100= 10.8 units
160w-200w420w-510w600w2.4*600/100= 14.4 units
low range profitability chart
computer1 card4 cards6 cardstotal wattstotal units per day
mid range80w-150w100w-140w250w2.4*250/100= 6 units
80w-150w400w-560w550w2.4*550/100= 13.2 units
80w-150w600w-840w750w2.4*750/100= 18 units
mid range profitability chart
computer1 card5 cards8 cardstotal wattstotal units per day
high range80w-100w60w-100w200w2.4*200/100= 4.8 units
80w-100w300w-500w450w2.4*450/100= 10.8 units
80w-100w420w-800w650w2.4*650/100= 15.6 units
high range profitability chart


will you need high speed internet? and the answer to this is , NO. you dont need high speed internet, or high bandwidth internet. all you need is a stable internet connection. you can connect through LAN or WLAN. but it need to be connected to the internet all the time, as soon as it goes offline, the mining will stop working and you will get nothing and will loose the electricity. so make sure your internet connection is always on. the maximum data it takes in 24 hours is approximately 20MB to 40MB. and this cost almost nothing for bitcoin mining.


this is very good opportunity for young generation as this is the future of currencies. if you take my recommendation, i would suggest a mid range or high range mining rig. you can start with one card and then can gradually increase the number of cards. and you will not need to change the rest of the system and it supports large number of cards. the return is good and the expenses are low. you can comment here to ask for any help if you want to ask anything about bitcoin mining.



it is illegal in some countries where there is shortage of electricity, as it takes medium power to run 1 rig. and it is thought that they are cracking down the farms where they are producing huge amount of coins and using millions of UNITS per day. and this is a good step by the government. but as far 1, 2 or up to 10 rigs, it is not a crime actually. and when you can produce your own electricity. the there will be no obligation to it. you can mine hundred of coins daily if you don’t have any connection to the country grid station. to clarify, i would repeat that bitcoin mining is not illegal, unnecessary usage of electricity is illegal, and doing fraud with the grid station is illegal. making direct connection to the main electricity line is illegal, but if you are using the electricity and paying for it, then the country can for sure make more energy with your money.


yes of course. bitcoin mining, or any other coin mining is profitable when you make a good plan according to your budget. when you take good care of your system then it is profitable. and if you ask me how profitable it is then i would say that i have already made the chart in the electricity section where is tells you how much energy it consumes. now i have made another chart where it states how much they make in a day. here i will do the comparison.

riginvestmentearn dailyelectricity dailyprofit dailyprofit monthly
low range 3 cards rig$830$1.16 x 3 =$3.48$1.14 $2.26$67.8
mid range 5 cards rig$24951.79 x 5 = $8.95$1.6$7.35$220.5
high range 8 cards rig$99305.29 x 8 = $42.32$3.84$38.48$1154

now here you can clearly see how profitable this business is and how people are earning. if you add up solar panels, that would be great and you will get more benefits and there will be no trouble with the government. so chill and earn as much as you want and use the solar panel.

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